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About me

My name is Johan and welcome to my website.
Here are some details about me, for other information please check the other sections on this page.

Johan Dam
(PHP) Programmer
Elements Interactive
The Netherlands,

Contact me

Do you wish to contact me or simply send me a comment? Fill in this form and I'll get back at you as soon as possible.
You can also contact me on my Twitter page

Johan Dam

Hello, my name is Johan and I welcome you on my website!

My hobbies are very varied, programming and trying new things with websites are high on the list, but while I don't do it enough, I also enjoy writing poetry or stories. In the weekends I can enjoy myself with a computergame, well, if I'm not too busy chatting to friends online, that is.

Good sides about me are that I can work independent. I'm used at working alone on things. When I have a problem to solve, I want to solve it. Give me a job to do and I get it done.

Because I also work on my own projects and I have a few friends with some amazing (yet sometimes rediculous) idea's for websites, applications or scripts, I have gained alot of expierence in different areas of programming. From image-manipulation to crawling other websites to lunar orbits.

Some scripts

Below is a list of things I made, they are mostly stand-alone scripts that I made as an experiment or a proof of concept. Some are usefull, others are just fun. And some are just interesting when looked at the (html) source code.


While I can try and convince you that I can build websites and webapplications, I prefer to simply state the facts about what I know.
My knowledge is greater then listed below, however these are the subjects where I am good at.
  • PHP:
  • MySQL:
  • HTML:
  • Javascript:
  • CSS:
  • Methods:
    Object Orientated Programming (OOP),
    Model View Controller (MVC)
  • Other:


Here you will find a number of articles I've written. They contain various topics but will be mostly about websites and web development.