I don't mind trading my opinion for a better one,
but not for one with equal or lesser value.
- My father

Johan Dam

Because programming is Art and Art is my Intention

Stuff I made


A PHP Framework build upon the MVC principle that is currently powering this site.
A lot of inspiration comes from Zend since that's the framework I'm used to working with.

But I've also looked at jQuery for its use with Facades to make it easier to use. Both Zend and jQuery are pretty complex under the hood, yet with Zend I'm always wondering 'how did I do that again?' only to find out I need to call half a dozen instances... jQuery, on the other hand, has a seperate method for pretty much everything you want to do. To top that off, it has great use of optional parameters for tweaking things just to your liking. It's awesome.

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No matter how great jQuery is, it just doesn't do everything I'd want and the things it does really well I'm just not using. So, I build my own framework.

It can some of the stuff jQuery can but where jQuery is much more focussed on the DOM and compatibility, mine is focussed on JavaScript and making it easier to do things.
Intention also supports module loading and makes extending objects much easier. While some utilities are maybe better suited in the GameCore,

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Building games is hard, so I build a game engine instead.

Born from my desire to build JavaScript games, and matured as I started to understand game architecture better.
It contains Entity, Camera, Level and other objects that are both easy to use and ready to start on.

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Why Intention?

Why I call my frameworks 'Intention' or 'Potential'?

Well, maybe because whenever you are making something, it is your intention to make it awesome. And I really love it when people make awesome shit.

Or maybe because these frameworks will always be a work-in-progress. It's never done. There is always more to add, more to learn about it and new ways to use it. This isn't it, it's just my intention for it.

A framework is not the sum of it's parts.
A framework is not just a collection of tools.
A framework is, every framework is, an intention to build something. To do something.

Our whole lives, we intent to do stuff. Intention is my way of helping both myself and others to live up to their intention and build awesome shit.

That's why, Intention.